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These services are only available at our Garden City location.


Gravity Signature Massage  $85

Gravity Signature Extended Massage $125

A firm massage with soothing strokes, calming aromatherapy, steamy towels to ease muscle tension and clear the mind.

Gravity Signature CBD Massage  $120

Gravity Signature Extended CBD Massage $160

Featuring Green Acres Farm, LLC CBD products, this massage is perfect for anyone experiencing pain. CBD Oil is applied from neck to toe in a firm massage with soothing strokes. CBD Freeze Gel is applied to the neck and feet providing instant relief from muscle tension. Following your massage, relax with a CBD Honey Stick and your tea.

Deep Tissue Massage


The ultimate muscle-relaxing, tension-relieving experience. Let our experts get the knots out in your specified area and get you on your way to feeling better.


Tension Tamer


Your Massage Therapist will focus on neck and back tension using herbal oils.


Couples Massage


Enjoy two massages and tea service in a private suite with rich aromatherapy and hot stones targeting tension in the neck and back.

Hot Foot Focus


This foot and leg massage features hot stones, a scrub, and FarmHouse Fresh Honey Heel Glaze, 

Hot Foot Focus with Green Acres Farm, LLC CBD


Enjoy the attention paid to your legs and feet with the addition of Broad Spectrum CBD Oil as well as Broad Spectrum CBD Gummy from our local CBD farm.


Hot Stone Massage


A full body massage using warm stones and moderate pressure to melt away tension.

Hot Himalayan Salt Stone Massage


Specially shaped salt "stones" are heated to provide a unique therapeutic massage that offers salt's healing benefits to the full body.


Traditional Reflexology


This remarkable ancient technique massages the reflex zones of the feet inducing deep relaxation to the entire body by releasing the flow of energy. 

Prenatal Massage   $95

Express Prenatal Massage   $40

This massage starts in a seated position that allows our masseuses to target upper and lower back comfortably.  The rest of the session is completed lying down on your sides, muscle tension is eased and you will be pampered from head to toe with a hot oil scalp massage and foot scrub.

Express Stretching Session


Assisted Stretch Therapy is the newest service at Gravity Wellness Spa! This 30-minute treatment relieves tension, stress and leaves you feeling invigorated. The perfect lunch treat!

Signature Stretching Session


From your head to your toes, this hour-long session focuses on flexibility, increasing range of motion, and improving your posture. This whole-body session is a great stress reliever. 

Chair Massage


Focuses on your shoulder, back, neck and arms.  Ask about our Work-Place Chair Massages, it is a great way to reward your employees!

Massage Enhancements*

Hot Stones - $15

Hot Himalayan Salt Stones - $20

Hot Hand Treatment - $10

Hot Foot Treatment with Scrub - $20

Back Scrub - $20

Hot Oil Hair & Scalp Treatment - $15

CBD Oil - $15

CBD Freeze Gel - $25

CBD Honey Stick - $2.50

*Adding enhancements to massage does not extend massage time.

Not Available at this time.
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